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Why use Unichip?


The Ultimate Power Upgrade

  • Power - The control you need to make 100% of the power available from the engine.

  • Flexibility - Unlike other products, the Unichip is a universal tuning solution with which a tuner can control timing, fueling, and (if applicable) boost on virtually any vehicle with an ECU upon which to piggyback.  Chevy, Mercedes, Toyota, Dodge, etc... diesel, rotary, Otto-cycle it doesn't matter.  You use the same tuning software and the same hardware to interface and control all of them.

  • Control - Add nitrous, water injection, additional fuel injectors to any application and control them through the Unichip for seamless engine operation with minimal driver tasks.  Auto switch calibrations when needed.

  • Adaptability - Integrate turbocharger/supercharger systems seamlessly by using the Unichip to provide real time timing and fueling changes based on air flow, throttle position, or a combination of both.  

  • Simplicity - Not just engine power but power over the engine for the tuner.


    Unlock the Unichip's full potential with Flux2 . Featuring Unichip Map-Command

    No Footprint

    With The Unichip there is no footprint. If you take your vehicle to the dealer for service work you can easily remove the Unichip which leaves no footprint that the Unichip was ever installed on your vehicle

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