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In Car Display

The Flux2 is an In Car Display which mounts to the windshield or to the dashboard. It allows switching through up to 5 available maps in the Unichip, streams live OBD data, allows viewing & clearing of fault codes, shows acceleration times, MORE!


With Flux




Custom tunable

Unichip's are suplemental computers that can be reprogrammed or custom tuned as many times as desired.  

Some other piggyback systems and standalone MUST be custom tuned since when they arrive, they are unprogrammed.  Yet other piggyback systems are not reprogrammable at all and can not be changed from the way they are originally delivered.

Most reflashes can't be custom programmed, and those that can are significantly more expensive.

While standalone computers are custom tunable, EVERYTHING must be created not just the power tuning.  Cold start, in-twon driving, hot temperature, cold temperature, everything.  They work well for pure racing applications, but standalone's are generally unsuited for the street.





Immobilizer mode

When the Immobilizer mode is enabled, your vehicle will not start until you disable the mode...


With Flux




Matched to your bolt-ons

UNA creates unique calibrations for specific intakes, headers, and exhausts to ensure those parts are properly integrated into your vehicle to create the maximum amount of power avaialbe.

Some piggyback's are tuned only for that manufacturer's bolt-ons and won't work correctly with any other intake systems


Custom Only



Multiple maps

The Unichip has up to five user selectable calibration sets





Nitrous/water injection control

The Unichip can directly control injectors or values to support nitrous injection, water/alcohol injection, or intercooler water spray.  The Unichip can also control extra injectors if required.

If the OEM ECU didn't have an output for something, you can't simply add it and then reprogram the OEM ECU because it's not talking to the added device.





Plug-n-play installation

Unichip Plug-n-Play kits feature fully finished harnesses feature OEM male and female connectors and plugs for a perfect fit every time.

Reflashes don't get permenantly installed and other piggybacks and standalones generally have to be installed by cutting and soldering






If you update your vehicle with a new cold air intake or exhaust, the Unichip can be reprogrammed to optimize your new parts.  If you don't need or want a custom tune, your Unichip can be reprogrammed by your dealer whenever desired.  We have dozens of calibrations for most applications available in low-octane, mid-grade, and premium maps.





Smog testable

The Unichip's seamless functionality means there's no reason to remove the product to have your vehicle... it is not detectable electronically and will not produce codes or CEL's.

Standalones have no OBDII compatibility which means they can't talk with any smog test system and you're relying on your custom tuning to ensure another type of piggyback will be sufficiently transparent to pass a test.





Timing and ignition control

The Unichip controls fueling and can both advance and retard timing which most other piggyback systems can not do.





Typical cost

Purchasing a Unichip means you're getting a suplemental computer - the finest availalbe - not just some data that's squirted into your ECU.  It may not be the least expensive option for your application but it's sure to be the most cost effective.  Note that the listed costs are average for all systems and that for other types of piggyback and all standalone systems the listed costs are hardware only... you still have to do the installation and create the calibration.





Universal application

At its heart, the Unichip is a very highspeed signal processor with an extremely open and flexible architecture that enable the very same computer - with the appropriate data - to be integrated onto virtually any application... gasoline, diesel, or alternative fuel.





Valet mode

When the Valet map is enabled, your vehicle will not start until you select a different map...


With Flux




Warranty footprint

Is saving ~$200 worth possibly voiding your vehicle's warranty?  Car dealers generally use any available excuse to deny warrranty claims.  If they can see evidence that you've modified the wiring harness or data in the OEM ECU, they have the evidence they're looking for.  The Unichip's PnP connection and lack of changes to the OEM ECU's data mean the dealer has no reason to suspect anything's ever been changed.
















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