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From time to time Unichip of North America looks outside of our worldwide Unichip family for innovative solutions to some of our challenges. Companies as well as individuals from anywhere in the world are welcome to respond to any of the postings below if they feel that they may have solutions. Feel free to ask for more information but please be as specific as possible as to how you see your service/solution being applicable to the particular posting & list as many of your relevant credentials as possible. Compensation is project specific & will only be discussed once a particular solution seems feasible. Although we endeavour to reply to all applications our workload sometimes dictates that we cannot reply to applications that we deem unsuitable to our needs.



1. Wiring Projects wanted! We manufacture high quality wiring harnesses for the automotive aftermarket. We source OEM connectors & terminals & also manufacture connectors for mate-to-sensor style applications. No project too large or too small, we can integrate most management systems Plug 'n Play style. E-mail the relevant project leader for more info.


2. We are releasing a Plug 'n Play kit for the 2013+ Porsche Cayman S & Boxster S. The kit produces around 25hp extra. I you live in the Portland Oregon area & would like to provide your vehicle as a beta tester in exchange for a free kit, e-mail the relevant project leader.







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With The Unichip there is no footprint. If you take your vehicle to the dealer for service work you can easily remove the Unichip which leaves no footprint that the Unichip was ever installed on your vehicle

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