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Uni-Tune Kit

Uni-Tune Kit


  • The most basic kit necessary to tune any Unichip Q Version or Q+ Version found in Unichip Plug 'n Play kits. Limited online tech support. For detail of full support version, contact
  • UniQ software operates only in a PC OS and is compatible with Windows 2003 and newer software.
  • System Requirements
  • Application
  • Video's

Minimum requirements for the software to run properly are as follows:

  • 1 gigahertz processor
  • Screen set to 1024 x 768
  • 500 megabyte hard disk space
  • 512 Meg of RAM
  • Serial port or USB to Serial Cable
  • Windows 2003 or newer operating system


Tip: When purchasing a laptop consider getting a 17" or larger monitor. With a bigger screen you will be able to open and view more than one software application at the same time. Tuning will be much easier if you can view the parameters displayed in a PC scan tool, Oscilloscope or air-to-fuel ratio meter on the same screen.

MAKE SURE TO CONTACT for log in and account info after purchase


Special setup instructions

  1. If you do on-road tuning , run the laptop on its own battery power.
  2. Disable all power saving functions in Windows. You can find it under start, settings, control panel, performance and maintenance, power options. Set all options to “never” so the laptop doesn’t turn off the monitor, hard disk, go into standby or hibernate when running on the mains or batteries.
  3. Disable all screen savers while tuning the Unichip.
  4. Avoid having other programs open at the same time unless you have a powerful computer with enough memory and processing power.
  5. Use the required download cables. Some cheap cables cause software crashes while tuning.
  • The bare-minimum kit required to tune Unichip Q, Q+, and Q4 , including Unichips in Plug 'n Play kits featured on this website.
  • Easily upgraded to a full Tuner kit later on by purchasing the Tuning Pots separately.
  • This is a very limited technical support version of the kit; full technical support is available with the Tuner Kit.



We request you do not attempt to purchase this kit if you do not reside in the USA, Canada, or Mexico, or if you intend using this product outside of these countries; we will not be able to ship those orders nor will you be able to obtain an unlock code for the software. Please also refer to the clause in our Terms & Conditions  which deals with handling charges imposed on anyone from outside these countries who attempts to purchase this kit from this website.



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