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2008 Mazda MazdaSpeed3 2.3T

Unichip Mazda MazdaSpeed3 - auto performance chip, car tuning chip, tuning computer
  • The Hardwire kit that has the Internet Forums buzzing!
  • Comes pre-mapped to optimize specific bolt-on go-fast parts

$395.00 USD

  • Applications
  • Features
  • Suits all Mazda Speed 3 vehicles , year models '07,'08,'09
  • Feeds anyone who needs an extra helping of speed!
  • Easily makes extra 25hp & 25ftlbs AT THE WHEELS.
  • This kit utilizes the unrivalled tuneability of the Unichip to unleash maximum power from the Speed 3
  • The Unichip is pre-mapped to suit specific bolt-on go-fast parts . All maps are created to exacting tolerances at our R&D facilities.
  • Easily re-programmed for any future bolt-on parts , either by a Unichip Custom Tuner or at any Unichip Dealer.
  • Two maps are provided , one for low boost & one for high boost , both selectable from within the car .
  • Easy to follow installation instructions as well as quick-fit wiring connectors are provided (no soldering necessary). Persons with basic Automotive wiring knowledge should complete install in under 20 minutes .


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