Unichip Q+

The Unichip used for normally-aspirated, factory- & aftermarket turbo vehicles .


  • This Unichip is used to tune just about any normally aspirated, factory-turbo or aftermarket-turbo electronically fuel-injected vehicle on the planet.
  • Most common crank-styles are supported , which means this chip can tune anything from a Jeep to a Porsche.
  • Allows a Tuner to make changes mild to wild : slight changes to a fuel map to accomodate a Cold-Air-Intake to pulling timing where engine compression-ratio has been raised .
Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 in


  • Fits piggy-back style to existing electronic fuel injection systems & puts engine control back into the hands of the tuner .Renders an otherwise untuneable Engine Management System , tuneable to the extent of what Standalone systems provide & even beyond that.
  • No opening of ECU’s or burning of chips.
  • Supports just about every modern crank style . Updateable firmware means that as new crank styles are released by manufacturers the Unichip is easily upgraded to stay in touch with technology
  • The Unichip has 5 map sets available . Every chip can therefore be tuned with up to 5 completely different maps . Maps can be as diverse as a Valet map , then a mild performance map for low octane fuel , then a wild performance map with maximum boost & water/methanol injection , then an immobilizer map.
  • Switching between maps is accomplished in 3 different ways : easiest & simplest way is via a 5-way switch (available from Unichip) which can be installed inside the car . Then there’s a Bluetooth switch (available from Unichip) which communicates with most modern cellphones . Our most popular map switching method is via our Flux Power display .
  • Manipulate 3(Unichip Q) to 5(Unichip Q+) 0-5volt inputs.
  • Drive extra fuel injectors
  • Drive water injection
  • Drive water/methanol injection
  • Activate water mist spray for intercoolers
  • Manipulate intake manifold flaps
  • Manipulate variable cam-timing
  • Manipulate timing advance & retard (this is what the other guys wish they could do). REAL-TIME TUNING MEANS A TUNER CAN MAKE CHANGES TO TIMING & FUELING SETTINGS WHILE RUNNING A CAR ON A DYNO & OBSERVE THE RESULTS!!!
  • Manipulate air-to-fuel ratio mixtures
  • Manipulate oxygen sensor voltages
  • Manipulate drive-by-wire throttles
  • Activate radiator fan
  • Control Nitrous injection
  • Control turbo boost
  • Control a shift light
  • Install & manipulate launch control
  • Datalogging feature
  • Fit Flux Power Display easily when installing a Unichip hardwire style to a car’s ECU or to a car’s ECU via one of our blank harnesses or via a Unichip Plug ‘n Play kit .
  • The Unichip is a very cost effective alternative to just about any tuning process & a tuner can often retail a Unichip installation & custom tune at the same price of just the purchase price of even the cheapest Standalone systems.
  • The extreme flexibility of the Unichip makes it a perfect choice of Aftermarket performance part manufacturers : an instant tuning solution means speed to market! The Unichip has been used in countless Aftermarket kits as a cost effective , dependable tuning tool.

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