FAQ Reverting to Stock

Does my engine revert to stock when the Unichip is removed?

Short answer – Yes
Long answer –  All changes actually happen inside the Unichip and your vehicle is stock even with the Unichip installed. When the Unichip is removed, the changes happening within it are no longer being made so everything about your vehicle continues exactly as intended by the OEM
Technical answer –  Your engine is computer controlled by its Engine Control Unit (ECU). Everything happening within the engine is based upon the control “maps” loaded into the OEM ECU and the signals from the engine and exhaust mounted sensors telling the OEM ECU what’s happening in and around the engine. With the Unichip installed, the engine, the OEM ECU, and all of the sensors are completely unaltered… that is to say they are completely stock. The signals themselves are what changes
Sensors are each designed to detect and report to the OEM ECU specific conditions and do so by generating a unique electrical signal for each unique engine condition. With the Unichip installed, the sensors accurately detect the actual condition it’s designed to observe and sends the appropriate signal to the ECU. After the signals are sent out of the sensors, they enter the Unichip which is installed electrically between the sensors and the OEM ECU. The Unichip very specifically makes changes to the signals and then passes them on to the OEM ECU. Even with the Unichip installed, all of the sensors are completely stock and perform as designed.
The OEM ECU, also bone stock, receives not the signal sent by the sensors but the ones modified by the Unichip so its perception of what’s happening in the engine is slightly “erroneous” The OEM ECU goes to the site in its control map based upon the Unichip changes signal rather than the site determined by the original sensor signal. Although the changes are typically small, this “erroneous” map site is the correct site for the data received by the OEM ECU and, as such, the OEM ECU is both stock and responding correctly. Even with the Unichip installed, the OEM ECU is completely stock and performs as designed.
The changes made by the Unichip are very specific (individual correction points at less than 0.3% load change at about every 15 rpm increment). The Unichip determined site changes are carefully selected to fine tune the engine for better performance

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