Partnership Opportunities

Unichip of North America is actively looking for new partners. Opportunities to be the exclusive Unichip Dealer for major manufacturers such as AUDI, BMW, HYUNDAI, MERCEDES, MINI, SUBARU, and many more. Lock-in Your Partnership Before Your Competition Does


We have huge opportunities for our customers at Unichip. In order to better explain what this entails I will use the following example: Think about what Steve Jobs did for the app developers on the IOS platform. By giving app developers access to the IOS platform he tapped into the world’s brightest minds, which helped push Apple to become one of the most successful companies in history.
Why did the developers do it? Some did it for recognition, some for the love of solving problems, some did it out of a passion for building apps, and some did it for the money.

Back to Unichip, we are opening up the Unichip platform to automotive tuners, machinist, app developers, manufacturers, engineers, and individual enthusiasts from around the globe. There are many talented, bright, and geeky people (call them what you want) in the world who may want to take advantage of this opportunity. 

The Challenge

The newly released Generation X Unichip (2020), is the most advanced piggyback system in the world which is compatible with ninety-nine percent of all vehicles that are currently sold in the USA and worldwide. This creates a unique challenge: We will never be able to develop products for all these vehicles, so we need your help developing kits that are yours to own and sell for the lifetime of the kit. 

We Need Your Help

We are hiring: Unichip of North America is looking for tuners, individuals, or companies who need help with product development. If you have a tuning idea, a vehicle niche market, or a product (that fits either a specific or a variety of vehicles) then this opportunity is for you. 
We can help you: We would be happy to be part of your project to help you further develop it into a worldwide product We have the tuning solution and experience and want to partner with you. 

About Unichip

Unichip is a 25-year-old global brand (over 8,000 000 units sold) with tuners all over the world working together, doing fun projects, building fast cars, and yes, fuel economy is also part of the package. Unichip has the technology and expertise to solve just about any vehicle-related tuning issue that you may encounter when adding aftermarket products such as turbos, superchargers, and other bolt-on products.  We have developed kits with top brands such as Vortech, Turbonetics, and many more that we can’t mention by name due to NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements). 

The Market

North America is the largest consumer in the world, estimated to be worth $318.2 billion (2013), contributing more than 2.3% to GDP. The aftermarket employs 4.2 million people who work at manufacturers, distributors, retailers and repair shops. In the United States, online sales of aftermarket accessories have shown year over year increases over traditional brick and mortar stores.

Non-USA Developers

If you are an experienced Unichip tuner, outside of North America, who has fully developed Unichip-related products and would like to distribute your products in the USA, we can make it happen. Contact us to start the conversation. 

You Are The Main Focus

The main focus here is to help you use the Unichip technology to solve your tuning challenges, whether it is an engine swap, turbo upgrade, fuel economy, supercharger install, or just a basic Unichip kit that you would like to develop. We are here to not only help you develop the kit but also help you promote and sell the product once developed. With a typical kit having a ten to eighteen-year life expectancy (we are still selling kits that were developed eighteen years ago) you will earn passive income on each kit that is sold in the US. 

The Final Product

We will put your name on it: Once the kit is developed we will help you promote and sell your Unichip kit. You will earn a commission on each sale for the lifetime of the product. Not only will you be compensated for each kit that is sold in the US, but you will also get name recognition for the kit or product that you developed. Think about us being the Amazon market place for Unichip related automotive products. 

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