Why Unichip

Why use Unichip?

  • Power – The control you need to make 100% of the power available from the engine.
  • Flexibility – Unlike other products, the Unichip is a universal tuning solution with which a tuner can control timing, fueling, and (if applicable) boost on virtually any vehicle with an ECU upon which to piggyback.  Chevy, Mercedes, Toyota, Dodge, etc… diesel, rotary, Otto-cycle it doesn’t matter.  You use the same tuning software and the same hardware to interface and control all of them.
  • Control – Add nitrous, water injection, additional fuel injectors to any application and control them through the Unichip for seamless engine operation with minimal driver tasks.  Auto switch calibrations when needed.
  • Adaptability – Integrate turbocharger/supercharger systems seamlessly by using the Unichip to provide real time timing and fueling changes based on air flow, throttle position, or a combination of both.
  • Simplicity – Not just engine power but power over the engine for the tuner.
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