Project Jeep Tires & Axel Ratios

Change settings with a button push

No horn beeps, no flashing lights, no dip switches, no confusion… with the Jeep specific Flux2 Display firmware, changing tire size and axel ratio is as simple as pushing a button on the display.  No VIN lock so you can use the display on any vehicle.  These User Manual screen shots show just how simple it can be…

Axel Ratio changes

Extended DTC

Many of the digital fault codes (DTC) that trigger your Check Engine Light are “open source” and can be read by any generic scan tool.  Most of the codes, however, are proprietary to the vehicle manufacturer and you need a special tool to read them… just like your Flux2 Display!  With the Jeep firmware, you can see every code being thrown… critical when working on modified vehicles when they don’t “feel quite right” but you don’t know why.  They factory computer does and now it will tell you.

Extended DTC retrieval


Bang for the buck

In addition to reading and displaying the proprietary DTC’s and letting you change the ECU’s tire size and axel ratio values, the Jeep Flux2 Display reads and clears open source DTC’s, switches Unichip performance maps, measures acceleration, and displays three lines of your choice of vehicle parametrics… no other tool delivers so much for so little.  Get yours today! MORE…

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