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    Unichip Remapping Software


    We Recommend Watching The Following Videos In Order Before Using your Remapping Software:


    Backup your maps to your desktop before remapping your Unichip

    Some videos are outdated but they still do a good job of explaining how to remap your Q series Unichip.

    • We are in the process of making new videos which should be ready soon.
    • Video 1 – Download Software:

      The software and maps can be downloaded from  (link opens in a new tab)

    • Video 2 – Remapping Software installation:

      The install video is different as we have a new installer just follow the software installation

    • Video 3 – Startup the software:

      The Icon changed, look for a Yellow star with Blue background named Dastek QMaps

    • Video 4 – Backup Unichip:

      Before downloading a new map make a backup of your Unichip maps first. This can be saved anywhere on your computer.

    • Video 5 – Remap your Unichip

    • Video 6 – Batch Job

    • Video 7 – Update Firmware

      Before doing firmware updates do the following:
      1. Restart your computer
      2. Make sure your laptop is plugged into a wall socket (don’t use battery power)
      3. Never unplug the USB cable from the laptop or the Unichip while doing a firmware update
      4. Make sure you have the latest version drivers if using a USB to Unichip cable
      5. Make sure you have the correct comport selected.
      6. Best to do a firmware update with the Unichip removed from the vehicle.
      7. If you do firmware updates in the vehicle make sure you only use one power source to power up the Unichip (via USB cable or a 12 power source from the vehicle).
      8. Always complete the firmware update cycle, in other words, all the steps below should complete
        1. When you start the firmware update the software will removing the old firmware data (automated), see the video below.
        2. When prompted cycle the power to the Unichip (user action required)
        3. The software will load the new firmware (automated)
        4. When prompted select a new map (user action required)
      Other things to check:
      1. Make sure you are connected directly to the computer’s USB port (don’t use a Multi USB adapter).
      2. Close all other software applications
      3. If you use a USB cable in conjunction with a power supply you need to turn the USB switch off. Basically, you should just use one power supply to power up the Unichip. 
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