“The Unichip is the finest engine management tool available… period.  If we could use only one tuning solution, it would be the Unichip.

Each of our ten performance centers tunes with the Unichip every day, and its flexibility means we never turn away a customer because we can’t tune their vehicle.  Whether we’re working on a shop “standard” upgrade, doing a one-off track car, or undertaking an R&D project destined for a media review, our tuners handle each with the same software and equipment.

That means our tuners quickly become proficient with the Unichip and that means they turn out quality tunes rapidly.  High production with very low comebacks leads to happy customers that tell their friends.  All in all, the Unichip gives us what we need… a strong profit center for the business.

Diesel or gas, any manufacturer, any year that has a computer upon which to piggyback, if you are a tuning facility, you need the Unichip as a tool.”


Steve Fischer , Steves Auto Clinic Group , South Africa





“We here at CarbConn Performance have been using the Unichip for over 12 years with great success. It works great for custom tuning fuel and timing for both street and track applications. It is a pleasure to use a product that works!”


Alexander Racz



“I recently bought a Unichip Tuner Kit because I wanted to be able to tune my own car for track days.  Now I feel as if I’ve been allowed into a secret community. A community for real tuners, not the “know-it-all” internet-forum guys who “have been tuning for years“ or the reflash guys who call themselves tuners.  The training manual makes things about tuning and engines crystal clear even though I am by no means a trained tech.  It dispelled lots of “urban tuning legends” and with it I not only understand how an engine makes power but why certain changes work and others don’t.   I’ve got the basic tune down pretty well and am getting a shift light to program though the Unichip and am considering running progressive Nitrous!”

The Unichip tuning system is far more powerful than I initially anticipated & it is easy to see why the company is so succesful with this product in so many different fields”

Lee S. , “home-tuner” , Oregon.



“I use Unichip to tune anything from a Porsche to a Tundra, normally aspirated or forced induction . The flexibility of the Unichip means I don’t ever have to send a customer away disappointed. A great tool for my business”


Andrew Fernandez




“Unichip is the best Piggyback out there. The ability to program it for virtually any input, along with the great technical assistance and attitude of the company make it irreplaceable. We have used it on everything from 2 stroke snowmobiles to a as new as a 2010 direct injected mini cooper with turbo upgrade, to stroked and supercharged Jeeps and Toyotas and numerous other vehicles without a single failure.”
– Garry Lundstedt

Lundstedt Automotive Inc.

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