2011 Lexus 5.7L TRD/Mangnuson Supercharger 3UR-FE

  • The Plug ‘n Play kit that comes pre-mapped to optimize your bolt-on accessories
  • Installs in minutes , ready to roll!

The only “No-Footprint” kit for worry-free fun!

W-Lexus-57L-MY08-19-SC ID17
-- Not CARB certified --
These parts are not legal for sale or use in California.


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  • All ’08 , ’09, ’10, ’11, 12, ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16, ’17, ’18, ’19 and 20′ models Supported. Lexus LX570, 5.7L
  • Standard fuel or Flex fuel Vehicles
  • Supercharged Flex Fuel applications must run gasoline using this kit
  • Normally aspirated as well as TRD/Magnuson Supercharged models supported
Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 3 in


  • Add’s up to 30hp & 25ft-lb .
  • Easily plugs into the stock ECU & ECU harness in minutes , no programming necessary .
  • Realizes the full potential of Aftermarket add-on’s like Cold-Air-Intakes & exhaust systems , as each kit comes pre-mapped for the exact set-up of each car or truck.
  • No end-user tuning necessary , just plug the kit into the car & you’re ready to go.
  • Easily upgradeable for future add-on’s.
  • Each kit comes with two maps : a low octane performance map & a high octane performance map, switchable from within the vehicle.
  • Fully tuneable by a Unichip Custom Tuner for customized add-on’s . This basically means that the Engine Management System in your ride is now as tuner friendly as the most advanced Standalone systems in the world , without sacrificing any of the factory features. This feature is unmatched by any reflash-tuning or other similar product.
  • Plug ‘n Play harnesses are fully Flux capable – purchase Flux when you purchase the Plug ‘n Play kit or upgrade later – Flux simply plugs into the Unichip Plug ‘n Play harness.
  • Plug ‘n Play kits are removed from the vehicle in minutes , returning the vehicle to stock tuning , without leaving a footprint of ever having been modified (a feature which reflash-tuning cannot match).

Dyno Sheets

Dyno Results 2007-2019 models

Notes: (1) Since full throttle SC pulls are risky without modified engine management, this dyno chart’s “before” curves are for a stock 5.7L Lexus/Tundra while the “after” curves include both the Magnuson / TRD SC and the Unichip with stock OE ECU programming

(2) Flex Fuel vehicles require different Unichip mapping than Standard Fuel vehicles and UNA offers applications for each; however, we recommend premium octane Standard Fuel for high-performance driving. Please select your application appropriately

Click on the dyno sheet for a larger view or to print.

Tundra 5.7 liter Dyno Sheet 2009



Flux Information

Here’s a slick Flux2 install in the storage compartment between the seats on a customer’s truck… nice!

Glove Box Install

See The Difference

Videos & Testimonials

Adam Powers in action! Adam went from Runner-up to Point Champion with Unichip during the 2008 Pulling season. Thanks for the effort & the Award , Adam!

(click on the image for larger view)


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