2011 Toyota Camry 2.5L 2AR-FE

  • The Unichip kit comes pre-mapped to optimize your bolt-on accessories
  • StE (Straight to ECU) Plug ‘n Play kit Installs in minutes, ready to roll!
  • DiY (Hardwired/Solder-in kit) now also available. (NEW Budget-Friendly Kit)
  • The Unichip is transferable to your next vehicle.
  • The only custom tunable kit!
  • No Footprint for warranty free fun!
-- Not CARB certified --
These parts are not legal for sale or use in California.


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  • All 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 models Supported including L, LE, SE, XLE XLE.
  • Realizes the full power potential left behind when installing aftermarket parts like Cold Air Intakes
  • Compatible with either 6-speed Manual or Automatic transmissions
  • Three kits to choose from:
    • StE (Straight to ECU) Plug ‘n Play kit (Best option for road speed and Unichip pedal booster applications)
    • StS (Straight to Sensor) Pug and Play Kit
    • DiY (Do it Yourself) Solder in kit (NEW Budget-Friendly option)
  • All hardware included
  • All kits come preprogrammed with 2 maps
  • User programmable with 5 maps, requires USB to Unichip download cable ($45)
  • FREE access to Unichip Map Database
  • FREE access to Unichip Programmer Software
  • Custom Tunable
  • The Unichip is transferable to your next vehicle.
  • Engine 2.5L, 4-Cylinder 2AZ-FE
  • ECU Connector ( 2x6b)


Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 2 in
Vehicle Modifications

Stock, AEM CAI, AEM CAI, All CatB, AEM CAI, All Headers, All CatB, All Drop-in Filters, All Drop-in Filters, All CatB, All Drop-in Filters, All H, All CatB, Injen CAI, Injen CAI, All CatB, Injen CAI, All H, All CatB, K&N CAI, K&N CAI, All CatB, K&N CAI, All Headers, All CatB, Takeda CAI, Takeda CAI, All CatB, Takeda CAI, All H, All CatB, TRD CAI, TRD CAI, All CatB, TRD CAI, All H, All CatB, Weapon R CAI, Weapon R CAI, All CatB, Weapon R CAI, All Headers, All CatB


  • A complete Engine Management Computer system which plugs into & works in conjunction with the stock ECU.
  • Adds up to 15hp &18ft-lb over & above what you gain from aftermarket parts and also optimizes settings to take full advantage of all bolt-on accessories. Remember, the power gained from aftermarket parts is worthless once the ECU registers fuel trims, this kit is specially calibrated to take full advantage of any power parts.
  • Easily plugs into the stock engine sensors in minutes, no programming necessary . Our Plug ‘n Play harnesses comprise only the finest components, including OEM connectors, gold-plated terminals & highest spec SAE wiring.
  • Realizes the full potential of Aftermarket add-on’s like Cold-Air-Intakes & exhaust systems , as each kit comes pre-mapped for the exact set-up of each car.
  • No end-user tuning necessary – select the correct maps when ordering, plug the kit into the car and you’re ready to go.
  • Easily internet-upgradeable for future add-on’s. (A maps download cable is all you need to download the latest maps). Download maps from our sharefile database as many times as you want, when you want, for free. Hundreds of maps available for different bolt-on combinations. ‘Tweaked’ slightly more & slightly less aggressive maps also in our database which keeps growing as new parts become available.
  • Online map library
    • Hundreds of available maps. With the MapsQ software and download cable, you get unlimited access… download as many maps as desired as often as desired. Simple download program lets you program maps in less than a minute.
    • 27 different calibrations available for each bolt-on configuration featuring stepped timing and fueling changes covering the range from poor low octane fuel to better than standard pump premium.
  • Each kit comes with two maps : a low octane performance map & a high octane performance map, switchable from within the vehicle. (5-maps available with 5-Way Map Switch upgrade).
  • Fully tuneable by a Unichip Custom Tuner for customized add-on’s . This basically means your ride’s Engine Management System is now as tuner friendly as the most advanced Standalone systems in the world, with full control over timing and fueling, without sacrificing any factory features. This feature is unmatched by any reflash-tuning or other similar product. This also means that your engine management system is now forced induction friendly: add a turbo or supercharger and you’re ready to tune. All the usual Unichip custom features are also available (Map boost, drive extra injectors, data-logging etc.) Have a look at our world-renowned tuning software with the fuel and timing maps. Tuners – contact us and we’ll be happy to show you the power of our system… You will soon lose the words Reflash Tuning from your vocabulary! Remember, Leaders tune, followers use reflash products.
  • Plug ‘n Play kits are removed from the vehicle in minutes , returning the vehicle to stock tuning , without leaving a footprint of ever having been modified (a feature which reflash-tuning cannot match).Take the guesswork out of Dealer visits with confidence.
  • The kit does not VIN-lock to any vehicle, so once removed from a vehicle it can be remapped & used on another vehicle. This means the kit has a great resale value, once again, something which questionable software or reflash products cannot compete with.
  • Bang for the buck, no other product can match this kit!

Dyno Sheets

Dyno Results for Toyota Camry / Scion tC 2.5L


Installation Instructions for 2.5L Toyota Camry, Scion tC


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